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Alarm in Europe over Chinese rocket space junk – Spain closes its airspace


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The updated trajectory of the debris part of the Long March 5B rocket shows that it will fly over parts of southern Europe.

A large piece of Chinese space junk weighing 23 tons and the height of a 10-story building, a section of a Long March 5B rocket, is expected to fall to Earth today or Saturday at an undisclosed location.

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The updated debris track shows it will fly over parts of southern Europe.

An alert was sounded in Spain and the country closed the airspace over several airports in the country – Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Reus and Ibiza.

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“Due to the risk associated with the passage of the CZ-5B space object over Spanish airspace, flights have been suspended from 09:38 to 10:18 in Catalonia and other regions. Airports and agencies have already been informed,” states the announcement of the competent authorities.

Much of the rocket will burn up in the atmosphere by the time it reaches Earth, some of it eventually – 20% to 40% – is expected to fall on it.

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