An 11-year-old from Britain “put the glasses” on Einstein and Hawking – He surpassed them in the Mensa test


Yusuf scored a score that only 1% of people get

The 11-year-old student from Leeds has scored the highest possible score in a Mensa test – beating Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Yusuf Shah, scored 162 – the maximum for the under-18s and the top percentage of all men.

Hawking is said to have scored 160 and Einstein, who although never officially took the test, is believed to have achieved the same.

Yusuf said his friends at school always tell him he is very smart and he wanted to test himself by taking the IQ quiz.

To celebrate the achievement, Yusuf went for a meal with his parents and two younger brothers Zaki and Khalid

Yusuf scored in the top 1% of the population and was undeterred when he found himself taking the test in a room full of adults.

Speaking to the Daily Mail oYusuf said: “Everyone at school thinks I’m very smart and I always wanted to know if I was in the 2% of people who pass the test. I feel special to have a paper that certifies my abilities.”

The student who is in sixth grade, hopes to study mathematics at Cambridge or Oxford and said he enjoys doing anything that stimulates his mind. As he said, he has fun with sudokus and solving Rubik’s cubes.

The impressive thing is that he only started playing with the cubes last January and by the end of the month, he managed to solve cubes of all difficulties with ease.

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