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Russian Foreign Ministry: Denies that Sergei Lavrov is hospitalized – Zakharova says “Fake news” – Video


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The news of Sergei Lavrov’s hospitalization went around the world

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the news of the hospitalization of Sergei Lavrov is “fake news”, denying that the Russian minister is facing a health problem.

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“It’s fake news,” said the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

Minutes earlier, it was reported by Indonesian officials that Lavrov had been rushed to a hospital shortly after arriving in Bali for the G-20 Summit.

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In fact, Zakharova said that he couldn’t believe her eyes about the news that was released, while he uploaded a video on Telegram that shows Lavrov at work!

“This is a kind of game that is not new in politics,” Lavrov says in the video, smiling wryly. “Western journalists need to be more honest – they need to write the truth,” he adds.

He entered the hospital and came out…

According to a new update from SkyNews, the governor of Bali stated that Lavrov was released from the “Sanglah Hospital” where he was admitted earlier for a “check-up”.

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