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US: Kyiv knew about US-Russian secret talks – ‘Nothing for Ukraine without Ukraine’


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The meeting between CIA chief William Burns and Russian Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryskin was hosted by the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT)

Kyiv was aware of the talks between CIA and SVR chiefs in Ankara, a US source told Anadolu on Monday. “Nothing for Ukraine without Ukraine” a White House National Security Council official said

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The meeting of the heads of the CIA William Burns (center photo), and the Russian Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryskin (photo below next to S. Lavrov), was hosted by the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT), Turkish and American sources told the Turkish agency, who asked not to be named.

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The White House National Security Council official clarified that the communication channels with Russia they are open, especially in terms of risk management, especially the risk of nuclear attack and the risks to strategic stability.

“As part of this effort, Bill Burns is in Ankara today to meet with his Russian counterpart. He does not conduct any kind of negotiations. He does not discuss resolving the war in Ukraine. It conveys a message about the consequences of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons and the risks of escalation to strategic stability,” the official clarified.

The official added that Burns will also touch on the cases of “wrongfully” detained US citizens, such as Brittney Greiner.

New message to Vladimir Putin against nuclear weapons sent in the meantime during their meeting the president of the USA Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping

According to a White House statement on Monday’s talks, the US president and his Chinese counterpart exchanged views on key regional and global challenges, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

‚ÄúPresident Biden raised (with Xi) Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine and Russia’s irresponsible threats of nuclear use. “President Biden and President Xi reiterated their agreement that a nuclear war must never be fought and can never be won, and underlined their opposition to the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine,” the White House said.

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