Is Turkey on the verge of bankruptcy? The scenarios for capital controls and deposit commitments


Scenarios for capital control, freezing deposits, and even bankruptcy began circulating in Turkey after a warning from Erdogan’s legal adviser, who said the country must be prepared for a state of emergency.

On the occasion of this position, the president of the Good Party, Meral Aksener, launched an attack against the government, noting that if we look at the issue of Professor Izet’s report on the state of emergency, there is concern about capital controls as well as the freezing of foreign currency deposits. “This could lead to Turkey going bankrupt,” he said.

Meanwhile, in … supermarkets, the Turkish parliament was turned into opposition MPs, who, wanting to raise the issue of accuracy, took with them bread, lentils and oranges, throwing the most ostentatiously in the parliament’s space.

As they said within a month the price of lentils has increased by 48%, eggs by 36% and bread by 30%, while the manades buy the diapers with the piece because of the price increases.

“The package with the 25 diapers increased from 49 pounds to 79 pounds. There is the pain of manades who now buy diapers with the piece, they buy a diaper. Why are you laughing; “Of course, you do not know about them because your children in Porsche and Mercedes use powdered sugar, while the mothers of this country can not buy diapers and baby milk for their children”, noted the MP of the Republican People’s Party.

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