Biden on attack in Colorado: “We cannot and must not tolerate hate”


The US president called for “more to be done” on the regulatory framework for gun ownership in the US

“We cannot and must not tolerate hate,” US President Joe Biden said in a statement in response to the armed attack on the club in Colorado Springs.

“At this time there is no clear motive for this attack, but we know that the LGBTQI+ community has been the target of disgusting hate-fueled violence in recent years,” the US president said in his statement, calling for “more to be done” to the regulatory framework of gun ownership in the US.

‘He walked into the club and immediately started shooting’: the 22-year-old gunman in the Colorado Springs LGBT nightclub shooting killed five people and injured 18 last night.

Club Q took to Facebook to thank the heroic customers who subdued the attacker and ended the attack.

“At least two firearms were found in the area. We are working to identify the weapons and the same, but I am able to confirm that the suspect used a rifle,” Colorado State Police said.

During a news conference, authorities did not immediately confirm whether Anderson Lee Aldrick, who was arrested and taken to the hospital, acted alone. They have also not given any information about the possible motive of the attacker.

“At least two people inside the disco confronted him and fought with him. They managed to stop him,” said the deputy police chief.

The FBI has been called in by local police to assist in the investigation.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, the first openly gay governor elected in the United States, said he was “shocked and devastated.”

The club had announced yesterday the organization of the night “with all kinds of gender identities” on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of Trans which is celebrated on November 20 to honor the memory of Rita Hester who was murdered in 1998 in the USA.

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