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Understand why Ecuador’s 1st goal in the Cup was disallowed


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The first goal of the Cup, in the match between Qatar and Ecuador, was quick, just after 3 minutes, and there was a beautiful celebration by Valencia with the players, but it was not worth it. In the first replay, no one saw an irregularity, not even refereeing commentator Sálvio Spínola, who followed the broadcast on Globo.

In the bid, the lateral Estúpiñán takes a free-kick from the middle towards the second post. The goalkeeper did poorly in the dispute for the ball with defender Torres, the ball was left for Estrada who touched it with his head back to Torres; he plays the ball in the area and Valencia scores.

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All eyes were on the contest between goalkeeper Al Sheeb and Torres, but it was Estrada, running from behind, who was spotted with half a leg ahead. When he returns to dispute the bid and touches the ball, the offside was configured.

The quick bid caused confusion and generated several memes on social networks, insinuating in a humorous tone that they would find it an impediment so as not to harm Qatar, the home team.

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A few moments later the transmission brought up the 3D image that pointed half of Estrada’s leg, number 11, ahead.

Luckily for Ecuador, the move was not missed. The same Valencia scored two more goals and was the highlight in the 2-0 victory against the home team.

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