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Nelson de Sá: Richarlison is already ‘the new Brazilian star of the Cup’, in sports coverage


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Richarlison’s second goal loosened the grip of coverage on the Qatar Cup, exemplified by the title of the chronicle in the Spanish sports brand Marca: “Fuck, Richarlison!” (above).

In the text, “they say he’s crazy” and that was “that’s how he scored 1-0 and crowned himself with a fantasy 2-0, with a pair of scissors” (tijereta). In the headline video, “Richarlison’s barbarity goes straight to the museum of the best goals in the history of the Cups”.

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In the also Spanish As, “Brazil already makes magic”. And the Argentinian Olé headlined Richarlison’s “golazo”, justifying in the text: “What Brazil’s 9 did against Serbia is universal, it’s magical”.

In its English language coverage, The Athletic website, a bet by the New York Times to grow in sport, featured a profile of Richarlison, “The new Brazilian star of the World Cup” (below), showing her journey, since when she had “a gun pointed to the head”.

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The goal was described as “dazzling” in the NYT itself: “Richarlison watched the ball spin in the air, heaved himself off the ground and, contorting his body, met it with a full and pure volley. The noise that greeted the goal illustrated the its wonder: not a celebration, but a loss of breath”.

The Athletic, English The Guardian and others described it as a “bicycle kick”. Germans such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung preferred to simply call it a “dream goal”.

Le Figaro and other Frenchmen chose to focus on the Paris-playing star, “Neymar in tears and hurt”.

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