Dictatorship and opposition in Venezuela sign agreement on fund to fight the crisis


Gathered in Mexico this Saturday (26) for the resumption of dialogues held for a year, Venezuela’s regime and opposition signed an agreement that creates a fund of billions of dollars frozen in foreign banks to be managed by the UN.

The aim is for the funds to be gradually released to fight the humanitarian crisis that is plaguing the South American nation, leading to, among other things, a mass migratory movement to neighboring countries, including Brazil.

The agreement does not mention the total amount of money that will fill the fund, but the value is expected to reach US$ 3 billion at least. The measure is the first step at the negotiating table, which also aims to advance in the release of political prisoners from the regime and in the definition of rules and date for a presidential election in 2024.

At the same time, the US issued a license that allows the American oil company Chevron to import oil and derivatives produced in Venezuelan territory. “This reflects Washington’s historic policy of easing sanctions based on concrete measures that alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people and support the resumption of democracy,” the Treasury Department said in a statement.

Oil is the central pillar of the resumption of talks between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the Venezuelan opposition, which seek to reinforce the country’s role in the international market.

Negotiation attempts between the parties were suspended by the regime in October last year, in retaliation for the extradition, from Cape Verde to the US, of Colombian businessman Alex Saab – a former dictatorship official, considered a figurehead of Maduro.

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