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Moldova braces for more blackouts


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Due to the way electricity infrastructure was built during the Soviet era, all power lines to this day flow through Ukraine

Moldovans are prepared for rolling blackouts due to the Russian bombing of energy infrastructure in Ukraine, according to the BBC.

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Because of the way its electricity infrastructure was built during the Soviet era, Moldova used to depend almost entirely on cheap Russian gas imports, but to this day almost all electricity lines flow through Ukraine.

That’s why blackouts in Ukraine’s power grid have led to blackouts across Moldova, with warnings of more outages in the coming days.

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The deputy prime minister accused Russia of waging a “hybrid war” against his country. “It’s simple,” says Andrey Spinou. “They don’t want Moldova to follow the European path.”

Moldova receives aid from the EU where it subsidizes the poorest. However, it still faces enormous challenges. Inflation has reached 30%, with many struggling to pay the bills as a result of which people are furious.

The pro-European government accuses Russia of no longer being a safe and honest partner, with Chisinau trying to distance itself from dependence on Russian energy.

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