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France 24 on Sweden’s NATO accession: Turkey’s increasing resistance humiliates us all


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European press blasts Nordic prime minister for concessions to Erdogan

The agency France 24 analyzes her attitude Turkey on the occasion of Sweden’s request for NATO membership and sheds light on how the Swedish media perceives their country’s attitude. “The process should be easy. But it’s not because of Turkey.”

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France 24 underlines: “May 18 was a big day for Sweden. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and over 200 years of “non-military” alignment, Sweden breaks with tradition and applies for NATO membership along with Finland. But before the ink was even dry, Turkey began to set conditions, claiming that they were a threat to its national security and would have to take concrete steps if they wanted its blessings.

“No country has an open and clear stance against terrorist organizations,” President Erdogan said, accusing the two countries of harboring Kurdish “terrorists” such as members of PKK.

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When the two countries agreed to meet the demands of the Turkish president, he then became even more specific and demanded the extradition of terrorists on a list, although many of them had been granted asylum years, perhaps even decades, before.

As time went on, the list grew in number, and Erdogan went so far as to demand the resignation of a Swedish minister because he attended a PKK event ten years ago.

Critics accuse the Swedes of doing everything in their power to please not Turkey but Erdogan personally, especially since the Kristersson assumed his duties.

Apart from the critics, there are not a few voices from the Swedish media that are being heard all the louder.

“Suddenly we don’t mind selling weapons to Turkey and so simply for those organizations designated as terrorist by Turkey… we will just agree! We spoil ourselves but… it’s worth it (!), because Erdogan will give us a warm hug and welcome us to NATO!”, writes Alex Schulman. Alex Schulman was also particularly scathing with Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom who continues to characterize Turkey as a democracy.

Schulman wonders if his country will continue its self-destructive behavior and ponders the question “At some point will we not have to ask our country to defend our own values?”


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