South Africa: Nine dead from floods in Johannesburg


Small river overflows in city of Johannesburg – Heavy storms in South Africa

Nine people died when a small river suddenly overflowed its housing estate Johannesburgwhich was hit by strong storms on Saturday, and rescue crews are still searching for many missing people, emergency services said today.

“Last night, a group was participating in religious ceremonies on the river when a storm started,” said Mr Robert Mulaounji, a representative of the city’s emergency services, who clarified that 33 worshipers were on the banks of the small Juskei River at the time of the spectacular overflow of the river.

“Two people were pulled from the water, they were pronounced dead at the scene” and rescuers continued to search for 15 others missing, the spokesman said, before calling it off overnight.

The rescuers, with the help firefightersrepeated their efforts this morning resulting in the identification of seven more bodies, bringing the death toll to nine, he added.

A sudden rise of water is common in this district of Johannesburg, where the storms, almost every night during the summer, are often sudden and violent.


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