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Ukraine: Energy infrastructure around Kherson ‘virtually destroyed’


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Volodymyr Kudrichy, CEO of Ukrenergo, claimed that “almost all (Ukrainian) hydropower plants have been damaged and have limited power generation capacity.”

Ukraine’s energy infrastructure around Kherson has been “virtually destroyed” by the withdrawal of Russian forces and the situation is “complicated” in Odesa, which is the target of bombings, Ukraine’s power grid operator Ukrenergo said today.

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“On Monday, the enemy struck again. It was again Ukrenergo’s facilities, mainline substations, especially in southern Ukraine, and power plants that were damaged,” Ukrenergo CEO Volodymyr Kudrichy said during a press conference.

According to him, the “successful work” of Ukraine’s air defenses prevented more Russian strikes from hitting their targets and causing additional damage to the national power grid.

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“More than a thousand missiles and drones” have been launched by Russia “since October 10, the date of the first major Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities,” Kudrych said.

He clarified that the most difficult situation, “is in Odessa (southwest) and in the province of Kherson where the electricity grid has practically been destroyed”.

Repair work in Kharkiv (northeast) Donetsk (east) province, where fighting is raging around the city of Bakhmut between Ukrainians and Russians, “is also complicated,” he added.

Kundritsy also reported that “almost all (Ukrainian) hydroelectric plants have also been damaged and have limited power generation capacity” following the Russian raids that left millions of Ukrainians in the dark and cold.

He noted that it is “technically possible to import” electricity from other European countries, but “the problem is that European electricity is much more expensive than Ukrainian electricity,” he said.

Yesterday Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that strikes against energy infrastructure will continue in Ukraine. “Yes, we do, but who started it?” he said, citing the bombings as a response to the explosion that destroyed the Russian-built Crimea bridge and other attacks attributed to Kyiv.

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