Eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala – Video

Eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala – Video

The 2018 eruption of the Fuego volcano left 215 people dead and almost as many missing in nearby rural communities

A new eruption phase, accompanied by small, moderate and strong explosions, lava flow and ash ejection, entered yesterday Fuego Volcano at Guatemalaas announced by the country’s authorities, which so far have not given an order to evacuate the population.

“The Fuego volcano showed an increase in its activity, which during the last minutes entered an explosive phase,” the National Institute of Volcanology (Insivumeh) of Guatemala said in a statement.

Since entering this phase, the Fuego volcano, which reaches a height of 3,763 meters and is located 35 kilometers southwest of the Guatemalan capital, has been causing “constant small, moderate and powerful eruptions”, the Institute adds.

A “jet” of lava has also been formed that exceeds 500 meters in height from the crater of the volcano, while a column of volcanic ash rises into the sky at a distance of more than one kilometer from the top of the volcano, Insivumeh explained.

So far no residents have been evacuated from the communities near the volcano, according to a representative of the national coordinating agency for natural disasters CONRED Rodolfo Garcia.

On June 3, 2018, the eruption of the Fuego volcano, which is one of the most active in Central America, had caused the death of 215 people and almost the same number of missing in nearby rural communities.

Guatemala has two other active volcanoes: Santiagoguito, in the western part, and Pacaya, which is located 20 kilometers south of the capital.


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