The war in Ukraine is a central theme in Olaf Solz’s New Year’s message

The war in Ukraine is a central theme in Olaf Solz’s New Year’s message

The German Chancellor’s New Year’s message has already been pre-published in the German media.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the German economy is the central theme of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s New Year’s message, which, among other things, praises citizens for the cohesion, strength and confidence they are showing in this crisis and boldly calls for new Year.

“Dear fellow citizens, a difficult year comes to an end tonight (…) No review of the year is missing the images of February 24, when in the early hours of the morning the first Russian missiles hit Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and other cities of Ukraine (…) Putin is waging an imperialist war of aggression in the heart of Europe,” the chancellor said in his message, which was pre-published by German media.

“The war also put Germany to a hard test, many people are worried. We all felt the effects in our daily lives. When we shop at the supermarket, at the gas station, when we pay the electricity or gas bill,” Olaf Solz continues, stressing at the same time that 2022 is still not only about war, problems and worry. “Putin did not take over Ukraine in a few days as he had planned, the European Union and NATO are more united than they have been in a long time and we in Germany did not back down when Russia turned off the gas tap because we did not we allow ourselves to be blackmailed!”, characteristically says the chancellor and refers to the effort of Germany and Europe as a whole for greater energy autonomy. “The liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Wilhelmshaven was built in less than 200 days. In the coming weeks and months, more liquefied natural gas stations will be put into operation,” he adds.

“Dear fellow citizens, this is also the story of 2022 for me. It’s about cohesion and strength – and, yes, trust. You all helped make history – everywhere in our country,” notes Mr. Soltz, recalling the millions of volunteers who rushed to help refugees from Ukraine and those working in the security forces and rescue services, as well as the effort to save energy by citizens and industry.

“Dear fellow citizens, Germany is a country that remains united, especially in difficult times. A country that leaves no one behind – whether in the city, or in the countryside, whether old, whether young, whether rich, or less well off, whether they were born here or came later. Our consistency is our greatest asset. That is why I wish one thing for us at the beginning of this new year: let us stay true to the path we took last year. Let’s continue boldly!”, concludes the chancellor.


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