USA: Traction fiasco for Republicans – 5th defeat for McCarthy in the House of Representatives


Republican candidate Kevin McCarthy fails to get majority (again) – Democratic candidate gets more votes again

Traction fiasco for the Republicans. It proved fruitless and the fifth vote in the House of Representatives for the election of the president of the House.

Republican candidate Kevin McCarthy failed (again) to get the required majority after 20 “rebel” MPs chose another candidate, Byron Donalds. The Parliament will proceed and in a sixth vote.

Tellingly, the Democratic candidate, Hakeem Jeffries, again received more votes. The votes are as follows: 212 the Democrat Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 20 the more “Trump” Donalds, and 1 present.

218 votes are required to elect the Speaker of the House. In the first five rounds, McCarthy did not manage to collect more than 203. This situation, unprecedented in a century, has paralyzed the House: without a speaker, MPs cannot be sworn in, nor can they vote on bills. Republicans also cannot begin the promised investigations into President Joe Biden.

The last time the Parliament did not elect a president from the first vote it was 1923. Voting will continue until one of the candidates obtains a majority.

The Democratic candidate Jeffries received 212 votes and on the 5th ballot for the election of president a majority is required.

McCarthy said before the fourth vote that he would eventually prevail, but so far his assessment has not been confirmed.

If elected, McCarthy will be third in the political power hierarchy and second in line to Joe Biden, after Vice President Kamala Harris.


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