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Nelson de Sá: Abroad, attention is already shifting from the ‘coup plotters’ to Lula and the ‘order’


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In the New York Times, closing Sunday with the digital headline “Supporters of the defeated Brazilian president invade government buildings” (above), Lula is highlighted, who will “sign an emergency decree allowing the government to use ‘any necessary measures’ to bring order”.

Meanwhile, “Bolsonaro is hiding thousands of miles away in Florida.”

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The Financial Times points out that the invasion “is reminiscent of the 6th of January in the USA”. He and the also English The Guardian, the French Le Monde and the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung headline that they are actions of “Bolsonaro supporters”.

Always in the main headline, the Spanish El País talks about “Bolsonaro supporters”, and the Mexican Reforma, about “Bolsonarists”.

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The headline in Argentina’s conservative newspaper La Nación calls “Bolsonaro followers” by name, “coup plotters” (below). Clarín highlights the “Maximum tension in Brazil”.

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