German Press: Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigns


As for Lambrecht’s succession, Bild warns that “Chancellor Soltz must not make the same mistake as Lambrecht.

DW Giannis Papadimitriou

Will Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht finally resign? The news is first published by Bild, which even comments on the imminent resignation:

It is not often that a politician – and especially a minister – realizes on his own that his resignation is inevitable. Instead, Lambrecht realized that the Ministry of Defense, with which she had never been familiar, needed a new beginning. In this way she puts her ambitions on the back burner and provides a valuable service to Germany».

As for Lambrecht’s succession, Bild warns that “Chancellor Soltz must not make the same mistake as with Lambrecht. It was clear from the beginning that the former Minister of Justice simply does not know military matters».

But Spiegel Online also claims that “according to his information» the Minister of Defense will soon submit her resignation.

The German magazine claims that “after her completely unfortunate New Year’s greeting, Lambrecht spoke repeatedly to Chancellor Olaf Soltz about leaving the government. She even agreed to announce her resignation herself on Monday. Possibly by then Soltz will have found his or her successor».

The Süddeutsche Zeitung, in its online edition, claims that “the environment of the minister» confirms the resignation scenarios and points out:

A possible successor in the ministry has been considered, for weeks, the representative of the federal government for the armed forces Eva Hegl and the deputy minister Simtge Meller. As the cabinet must be made up of equal numbers of men and women, only one woman can take over – unless there is a wider government reshuffle».

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