Bela Gil announces the end of her 19-year marriage to JP Demasi


The marriage of Bela Gil and JP Demasi came to an end after 19 years. The announcement was made by her on her social media. “After 19 years of a beautiful and peaceful relationship, which has borne so much fruit in love and work, our marriage has come to an end,” she began.

“The end of love never, because there is no way not to love how you educate our children, how you navigate the world, how you are as a human being”, amended the presenter and chef. With Demasi, she has Flor and Nino.

According to her, the partnership in m/paternity and in business will remain firm. “I appreciate every second by your side, every word of support, every gesture of care. Life with you has only brought me luck” she concluded.

In November last year, Bela Gil said he was sapiosexual. The revelation was made on the Mil e Uma Tretas podcast. The term refers to those people who are sexually attracted only to those who are intelligent.

“My self-esteem and this sense of beauty are very much related to intellect. I’m sapiosexual, I’m attracted to intelligent people, not necessarily beautiful. So I don’t think I have to be mega-beautiful. Why should I get breast implants, you know? I read a book because it will work much more”, he said in the podcast.

With Demasi, he lived an open relationship. In the same chat, she said that he had the approval to look for sex outside of marriage and gave more details on how the dialogue worked when wanting to have sex.

“JP is that man, with that will. And then it didn’t fit. ‘Man, you really want (to have sex) and I don’t want anything. What are we going to do?’. I was under the pressure of not being the woman , the wife. I said (that if he wanted, he could look for sex outside of marriage)”, he said.

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