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Zelensky in Davos: “We didn’t start the war, but we must end it” – Calls for faster decisions


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Ukraine’s president called on leaders to make faster decisions to combat Russian aggression against his country

At the World Economic Forum in Davos today, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, spoke via video conference, asking, among other things, the leaders to make faster decisions to combat Russian aggression against his country.

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At the beginning of his speech, Zelensky referred to the tragedy that marked his country today after the helicopter crash and asked for a minute’s silence in memory of the victims, who numbered 14 among them the Minister of Interior of Ukraine and a child.

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“Thank you for this minute. It’s only one minute, but it’s for the memory of so many people,” Zelensky said.

The President of Ukraine stated that winter has slowed progress on the war front.

“The war does not look good, it was not good from the beginning, and in the winter it slows down. Everyone gets tired — nature, people, and thank God, the enemy too,” he said. He described the daily battles being fought in the east of the country and added that Ukrainians are standing strong and united against the Russian invasion.

“We stand strong, determined. I am grateful to all our warriors, living and lost, for their bravery,” he said. “It is really difficult, but we are also strong within the nation… We are united, we are organized, because we are motivated. We were not the ones who started the war, but we should end it,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Zelensky thanked Western allies for their munitions and economic support and said continued aid would ensure Ukraine succeeds in this war but called for faster decision-making to combat Russian aggression against his country.


“Tyranny surpasses democracy. It took Russia less than a second to start the war… The time the free world uses to think is used by the terrorist state to kill. Ukraine and its allies have been resisting it for almost a year, this period proved that all our timely actions brought positive results,” he said.

Zelesny added that “the world was hesitant” when Russia seized Crimea in 2014 and then when it attempted to invade the entire country in February 2022.

“The world must not hesitate today and never,” he said, stressing that “the world must act faster than Russia.”

“Supplying Ukraine with air defense systems must outlast Russia’s next missile attacks… Restoring security and peace in Ukraine must outlast Russia’s attacks on security and peace in other countries,” Zelensky said.

“In three years, we will be discussing new challenges and threats in Davos. What will this mean? It will mean that we will definitely have overcome the current threat. If history repeats itself, either because the world fails to notice or because it has underestimated a threat, then it unites to resist, and then the world wins every time,” the Ukrainian president concluded.

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