Moldovan blogger promises to buy drones for Ukraine, because of torture he suffered in Russia – Video


“I will be an enemy of the Russian regime for the rest of my life,” said the Moldovan blogger

Necoglai (Nikolai Lebedev) is one of the most popular bloggers in the Russian-speaking segment, with about 9.5 million subscribers on Tik-Tok. He is originally from Moldova and lived in Moscow until last year.

He was arrested in November 2022 for posting a parody video showing a Russian soldier throwing grenades at himself. The official reason for his arrest was that he violated immigration laws.

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A Moscow court decided to deport him from Moscow to Moldova. Nekoglai recorded an apology video in which he appeared with a shaved head and showed signs of a beating on his face. He later stated that he was tortured to the police, where they tried to rape him with a bottle

Now Nekoglai has recorded a new video in which he says: “I will be an enemy of the Russian regime for the rest of my life” and will fight it. He promised to buy drones for the Ukrainian army with about 100 thousand dollars and personally deliver them to the Ukrainian army, and this will be the subject of the next video he will upload.

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