Belgium-Coronavirus: Strong reactions to the closure of all venues


The new measures to limit the rapid spread of the coronavirus mutation in Belgium have been in force since Sunday, December 26, with the closure of cinemas, theaters and all venues, despite strong reactions.

The Belgian press today focuses on yesterday’s (December 26th) demonstration in Brussels, which took place in the rain, with the participation of 15,000 people according to the organizers and 5,000 according to the police. The demonstration was attended by many artists, executives of historical cultural institutions, but also citizens who protested against the “closure of civilization”, despite the strict health protocols that were observed.

According to the Flemish newspaper “De Standaard”, the issue is also causing political unrest, with the Ecolo party Minister of Culture Bénédicte Linard calling for the measures to be withdrawn and stating that it is not her role to call for their implementation, the Home Secretary Annelies Verlinden called for the measures to be complied with and for the leader of the fellow MR to call for the law to be enforced in order to save the credibility of the state. “The government can not control the uprising of civilization” is the front page headline of “De Standaard”.

The French-language newspapers Le Soir and La Libre reported that some cinemas in Brussels were operating normally, with several theaters announcing that they would remain open, citing “unprecedented political disobedience” supported by other authorities. An action supported by several mayors of the Brussels region, who state that they will not send the police to check the entrances of cinemas and theaters. Among them is the Greek Christos Doulkeridis, the Mayor of the municipality of “Ixelles” (Ixelles), one of the largest municipalities in Brussels, who states that he does not intend to impose sanctions.

The “dangerous path”, the undermining of social cohesion and the danger to the credibility of the authorities, is mentioned in its main article by the French-language newspaper “La Libre”, which notes that political disobedience prevails under the benevolent gaze of the police, justice and of Ministers “.

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