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Chinese Foreign Ministry: Balloon’s entry into US airspace ‘accident’ attributed to ‘force majeure’


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New Chinese spy balloon over Latin America according to US Pentagon – ‘China has always respected international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries’, says Chinese Foreign Ministry

China’s foreign ministry called the entry of an “airship” into US airspace an “accident”, attributing it to reasons of “force majeure”. At the same time, he accused politicians and the media in the United States of taking advantage of the incident to discredit Beijing.

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“China has always respected international law, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

A Chinese spy balloon has been spotted over Latin America, the US Defense Department said on Friday, a day after one such balloon was spotted in US airspace. “We have reports of a balloon flying over Latin America. We believe this is yet another Chinese spy balloon,” Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said, without giving a specific location.

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Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke by phone with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to inform him of the postponement of his visit to China, citing irresponsible action and a clear violation of the United States’ sovereignty.

Beijing expressed its regret for this “unintentional” entry of the balloon into US airspace, claiming that it serves “research purposes, mainly meteorological”.


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