Erdogan: 3,549 dead in the earthquake in Turkey – 10 regions in a state of emergency


The dead in Syria and Turkey reached 5,151 – Erdogan declared a state of emergency for three months in the 10 provinces affected by strong earthquakes – The “thank you” of the Turkish president

Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a three-month state of emergency in the 10 provinces hit by strong earthquakes, announcing that the death toll now stands in 3,549. Based on the new report, the dead in Turkey and Syria they now amount to 5,151.

“Turkey is facing one of the biggest disasters not only in its history but also in the world,” Tayyip Erdogan said after Monday’s powerful 7.8 and 7.7 magnitude earthquakes hit the country’s southern provinces. “Experts say ‘there is no precedent in the world’ for this earthquake,” he noted.

As the Turkish president pointed out, above from 8,000 people have been salvaged from the ruins so far.

Search and rescue personnel and support personnel working in the earthquake zone amount to 53,317 people, Turkish President Erdogan said. At the same time, 5,000 health workers are being sent to the provinces of southern Turkey, where rescue operations are underway.

According to Erdogan, 54,000 tents and 102,000 beds have already been sent to the earthquake-hit areas.

Tayyip Erdogan’s “thank you”.

“We have received offers of help from 70 different countries so far, we have spoken to 18 heads of state and government who have called us on the phone, I would like to thank all our friends who have called us and sent messages to convey their support in these difficult times days… The support of the international community is valuable for us with its moral effect. I would like to thank each and every one of our brothers and sisters from across our region who stand by our nation with their prayers.”

13.5 million Turkish citizens are directly affected by the disaster

The estimate that the 7.7 Richter earthquake that hit southern Turkey early on Monday has directly affected approximately 13.5 million Turkish citizens, the Minister of the Environment stated earlier, Murat Kurum.

According to Kurum, this earthquake is the “greatest seismic disaster of the last century after the Erzincan earthquake” in 1939. As he said, 10 provinces have been affected.

“After the first big earthquake, some buildings were damaged, and with the second big earthquake, they collapsed or are ready to collapse,” Kouroum observed, acknowledging that there is difficulty in dealing with the problems, as the road networks are damaged and it is difficult to help in several areas.

The BBC reports that Turkey’s transport and infrastructure ministry said that overnight 3,400 people took refuge in trains being used as emergency accommodation.

At least 1,602 people have lost their lives and thousands have been injured in Syria from the deadly earthquakes and aftershocks that occurred in neighboring Turkey, the Syrian authorities and rescuers operating in the rebel-held areas announced earlier.

Twenty-three million people across Turkey and Syria are affected by the deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Gaziantep province, the World Health Organization says, adding that this number includes about one million children.

The United Nations children’s agency said today that the earthquake and aftershocks that have destroyed huge numbers of buildings in Turkey and Syria may have killed thousands of children.

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