Olympiakos shots against AEK: “Vulgar plan to win on paper – Change if the match does not take place”


More tones are being raised ahead of the first semi-final of the Cup between AEK and Olympic on Thursday at Opap Arena. The “red and white” issued a statement launching an attack on multiple fronts against the “yellow and black”. They talk about vulgar plan to get the match with Atromitos on paper and go rested to the Cup match, complain about threats during the goal count against the referee Manouchoswhile calling on the competent bodies not to allow the match not to take place in Peristeri.

They also leave spikes for unsuitability of the “Union” stadiumhim relegation of the team to the 3rd National Leaguehim role of Yiannis Papadopoulos in AEK and call on the EPO and Lefteris Avgenakis to take a position talking about the alteration of the championship and the Cup. Reference is also made to the security measures at Opap Arena and the death of two teammates in the derby with Panathinaikos.

The announcement:

The sad things we saw at the stadium of Peristeri with the measuring tapes, the beatings of the referees to stop the match, by the members of the criminal organization that preys on Greek football and the vulgar plan of PAE AEK not to compete and to take the match on paper , unfortunately bring our Championship to the level of the 3rd National Team and in decades when lights were turned off in the stadiums to interrupt matches.

The extreme weather and heavy rains that hit Attica are logical to create issues on the pitches, such as a subsidence, but no one could have predicted that some would take the measuring stick to drown the ill-fated Greek football with it!

They did not give time to correct the problem, nor of course did they leave any doubt that the whole scene was set up and they did not suddenly become… aces of observation.

Those who did… open the doors to their new stadium with blackmail and threats to get a fitness permit, with countless oversights and violations, without the prescribed Plexiglas and other safety requirements and yet no team gave them an “objection for an irregular playing field”. Those who do not care about the safety of their own fans and did not even bother to further investigate the death of two fans which may have been caused by the chemical fumes from the smoke generators.

We understand the intention of AEK to reach the second league by any unfair means with its new VAT number, but it does not need to throw all the football to the Third National, just as some threw AEK to the Third National to avoid debts, nor let our league have a fate like that of SL2 who disbanded it.

Let it try to win the second championship with its new VAT number in the stadiums, without fainting on the playing field, without tear gas, without PPC switches being lowered.

We do not believe that this ridiculousness will continue in the disciplinary bodies with the predominance of those who went to the stadium with the intention of not playing, stealing three points on paper and playing rested in the first semi-final.

We consider it unthinkable that the seamstresses will prevail with measuring tapes (an unacceptable medium and unsuitable for accurate measurement) and that Greek football will lose.

For this unimaginable ridiculousness, for this unprecedented diversion and alteration of the Championship but also of the Cup, the President of the EPO and the responsible Minister must take a stand.

Referee Manouhos, whose hands were shaking from the threats in the count, must testify to the Football Prosecutor by name who threatened him and what they told him would happen if he did not stop the game.

We take it for granted that the match observer who allowed the man without qualification Yannis Papadopoulos, the protagonist of the criminal organization in football, to roam illegally in the dressing room, on the bellows and order the referee to end the match, will not be appointed as a Super League observer again .

We believe that EDE will be made by EL.AS. and an investigation by the competent prosecutorial authorities, to find out how the Police allowed non-accredited people to hang out in the locker room and what exactly did the person in charge of order measures when Yannis Papadopoulos, who was the protagonist of the atrocities and illegalities in the EPS elections, who speaks all day with referees, with all the parafootball, which has a central role in the criminal organization that surrounds football, was beating in the dressing room and threatening the referees.

Finally, we consider it self-evident that the match will take place normally and that the championship will not be altered due to the adverse weather conditions that no one can deal with and that the disciplinary bodies will not let football be indelibly stained by the “shame of the measuring tape”.

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