US indicates reservations to ‘peace club’ for War in Ukraine proposed by Lula


A high official of the American government indicated that the United States has many reservations about the “peace club” for Ukraine that will be presented by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in a meeting with the American leader, Joe Biden, in a meeting at the White House Oval this Friday (10).

He told journalists that, in Washington’s understanding, efforts to promote peace need to recognize that there is a violation of Ukrainian territorial integrity and sovereignty by Russia and must follow the criteria of the UN Charter, an organization that, he recalled, has Brazil among its founders.

Such as Sheet anticipated, Lula intends to present to Biden the proposal of a group to negotiate a way out of the conflict in Ukraine, which would include countries like India and China —rival of the Americans.

Lula wants to bring together a group of countries that, in the view of the Brazilian government, are not directly involved in the war and could discuss a long-term vision and a solution to the conflict. Brazil recognizes that Russia was an aggressor country when it invaded Ukraine, but argues that sanctions and the sending of weapons will not help to achieve peace.

Lula maintains former president Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) policy of avoiding more direct interference in the conflict and denied a recent request by Germany to send ammunition to tanks on the Ukrainian side.

The US government is already articulating a new arms package for Kiev worth US$ 1.75 billion, in addition to the billions of dollars it has already earmarked for the Ukrainians.

Also according to the American official, Lula and Biden should share the view that it is necessary to promote dialogue and peace, but that this involves respect for the autonomy and free will of the Ukrainian people, recognizing that war stems from aggression injustice of one country against another.

How did it advance to Sheetthe US will announce its intention to inject resources into the Amazon Fund, the main initiative for raising funds for conservation and combating deforestation, according to a version of the joint communiqué negotiated between the two countries on Thursday (9).

The text will also bring a condemnation of political extremism, American support for the expansion of the UN Security Council and will speak of the Ukraine War without a direct condemnation of Russia.

Until Thursday night, the material did not directly condemn Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, after objections from Brazilian negotiators to more specific language about Russian aggression.

The White House official said that the main purpose of the visit is not concrete announcements, but rather to prepare the ground for future high-level meetings and reinforce ties between the leaders.

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