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After the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles succeeded his mother to the throne and Camilla took the title of royal consort, always in accordance with the late monarch’s expressed wishes.

The official coronation ceremony of Charles III will take place on the morning of May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

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Apart from Charles, however, the royal wife, Camilla, will also wear a crown.

Today it was revealed that Camilla will wear Queen Mary’s crown, which she wore when she became royal wife, at the coronation ceremony.

Mary of the Trek was Queen of the United Kingdom from 6 May 1910 to 20 January 1936, as the wife of King George V (Elizabeth’s grandfather and Charles’ great-grandfather).

The crown was specially made for her in 1911, with 2,200 small and three large, precious diamonds, a Koh-i-Noor and two Cullinans adorning it.


The crown also has 8 detachable arches, so it can be worn as a crown, tiara, and Camilla requested that four of them be removed for the occasion.