To avoid fighting in Ukraine, a 20-year-old Russian conscript took his own life in his unit near Moscow, as reported today by a channel on Telegram, which refers to recruitment issues.

The young man was serving in the 2nd Pontoporus Company of Military Unit 11361 and the other soldiers in the unit found him dead, hanging by his belt.

“20-year-old Sergei Gridin from Komi ended his life in the military unit on the outskirts of Moscow,” the channel “Mobilizatsi 1 Novosti 1 What to do?” reported. while the news was confirmed by the relatives of the dead soldier on the “7×7” website.

Grindin left a note before taking his own life, and the young soldier’s two relatives have confirmed that the handwriting on the note resembles his own.

In the note he left he writes that the previous day “he was included in the rotating list for Ukraine”.

Russia had earlier announced that its troops managed to break through two fortified defense lines of Ukrainian forces on the eastern front.

He also says that he asked to be left in the military unit because “no one from his company has returned from Ukraine,” but after that the commander and NCOs “didn’t stop bullying him.”

“You haven’t been able to bend me, and you won’t. I made the decision to die here on my fatherland, without foreign blood on my hands,” wrote the young soldier.

At the end of October 2022, the General Staff of the Russian army had assured that the conscripts called up in the fall would not be sent to war or to serve in the occupied territories.