Opinion – Normalitas: The president’s caganer


The Catalans are a curious pity.

Eschatology, for example, that international bona fide institution.

They set up Christmas nativity scenes and shit themselves in god (here, “em cago en Déu” is a common expression, with many creative variations: shitting on the mother, on the virgin and all the saints, on the milk – yes, that one –, and even about the whore in diamonds, as one friend’s grandfather used to say, or about your dead on horseback, the catchphrase of another’s youthful boyfriend). They sing Christmas carols and make shitty dolls.

That’s it, you go to the traditional Christmas market in Santa Lucía, in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​and there are little stalls there with the awning crowned by a crouched giant puppet with his pants down on an indefectible bright brown dummy. is the famous caganer, mandatory character of the Catalan Christmas pantheon.

Go there and ask whoever you want: Trump, Putin, Tina Turner, there are even the Catalan independence activists in pack promotional. Everyone fraternizing around one of the most vital activities of human beings. Everybody outside ass, be an anonymous casteller (character of Catalan culture that refers to the agile jugglers who form the typical human castles in festive season) or Frank Sinatra. Shit is universal.

Having a shitty/shitty/crapping and singing doll with your face is an honor. It means you’ve achieved an inescapable degree of fame and recognition. Whatever feats it may be, it is worthy of being cast in plaster, painted in acrylic, multiplied and sold to adorn a home, grace someone or decorate a nativity scene – a place of honor for the self-respecting caganer, among sheep and the Lord mái djéezus about which also, remember, shit me, I-you-he-we-you-etc. To be a caganer is to have entrance to OlimpoDosPopulares.

That Lula is an easy-to-find little figure around here is a sign.

That I haven’t found Bolsillonaro anywhere, even after inquiring, questioning, asking, too. I suppose shit is for the good guys. shit, what a constipation not cool (= not cool). And, of course, happy anus novus for todus nosotrus.

With amour and a lot of shit,



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