The Philippine authorities they started the Monday 20/02 a survey mission to active Mayon volcanoafter they identified the wreckage of a missing private jetcarrying two Australians along with a Filipino pilot and crew member.

The six-seater Cessna 340 aircraft was bound for the capital Manila when lost contact with air traffic control Last Saturday after he left the Bicol International Airport in Albay province, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

The two Australians – Simon Chipperfield and Karthi Santhanam – were technical consultants working for Energy Development Corp., a geothermal company based in Manila.

In its statement last Sunday, the company said the emergency response team located the debris at an altitude of about 6,000 feet (1,823 meters) close at Mayon Volcanowhich last erupted in 2018.

Authorities are still working to get to the wreckage and verify that it belongs to the missing aircraft.

We only have aerial photos – the drone shots – but we cannot confirm if it is the aircraft in question. Our accident investigators need to get a close look at the wreckage and the impact site“, said a representative of the authorities.

The area has been revoked “permanent site of danger” and “no fly zone” because of the volcano.

More than 200 people along with 34 vehicles, 11 drones and four K9 dogs coordinated the joint search and rescue operation to reach the aircraft on the remote volcano, according to the Philippine state news agency.

investigations into the missing aircraft

When Mount Mayon last erupted, it spewed ash and a lava flow, forcing the evacuation tens of thousands of villagerswith the most destructive eruption of the volcano occurring on 1814 when at least 1,200 people were killed.