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An incredible adventure in the air was experienced by about 300 passengers of a regular domestic flight in Japan. For a 2 hour trip they ended up flying 7 hours over various cities and at the end the plane returned to the airport where they took off.

The incident occurred on Japan Airlines flight JL331 from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Fukuoka.

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Initially, the flight was 90 minutes late taking off.

When it arrived at Fukuoka Airport, no longer on schedule, it did not get clearance to land due to runway loading and takeoff loads and strong winds. So the plane with 300 passengers returned to Tokyo. From there, however, it was redirected to land at Kansai International Airport near Osaka, where it finally landed, but…

According to the Daily Mail, there were problems in Kansai due to a lack of staff and available transport. Thus, the exhausted passengers boarded another flight, not to their original destination – Fukuoka – but to Tokyo.

Finally, after 7 hours, the passengers returned to where they started…