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Heavy snow is falling in southern California as a result of a rare blizzard in the Los Angeles area, while other parts of the usually sunny state are at risk of flooding due to heavy rain.

California is experiencing one of the worst snowstorms in decades.

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Some major roads have been closed due to frost and snow. Among them are sections of the highway that connects the US to Mexico and Canada – and there is no indication that it will be reopened anytime soon.

Snow could have “dangerous and potentially deadly” effects on Southern California roads, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned.

Snow and strong winds have caused power outages. According to the specialist website Poweroutage, 118,000 households have been left without power.

Even lowland areas that aren’t used to seeing snow could be covered in a blanket of white, the NWS said.

Social media platforms were flooded with photos of Californians showing off their flakes and whitewashed yards. This phenomenon is so rare for the region that the meteorological service was forced to explain to the residents the difference between snow and hail.

Those living in low-lying areas may be at risk of flooding. Forecasters asked residents of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to be on alert.

Bad weather also prevails in Wyoming and Oregon, two more northern states where snow is not uncommon. In Portland, the snow reached a height of 27 cm. More than 340 flights were canceled and 4,000 were delayed in these States.

It is unknown if this blizzard is linked to climate change, but scientists often explain that global warming is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.