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The tragic toll from the shipwreck with victims of irregular migrants that occurred near the coast of Calabria this morning, due to bad weather conditions, is increasing by the hour.

Nearly 200 people – mostly from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan – were on board a 20-metre wooden boat, which had left Izmir four days earlier.

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The dead so far stand at 45 and the number of rescued at 80. However, according to Italian media, the death toll may exceed a hundred.

Among the victims is a baby a few months old who tragically died at sea.

Italy shipwreck

As the rescued told the men of the Italian economic police, the boat hit rocks and immediately after that was cut in two.

Twenty-two survivors were taken to hospital (eleven are minors) and at least one is in a particularly serious condition.


In fact, according to the doctors who provide first aid, some of the rescued have burns in many parts of the body.