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The Italian president of the republic, Sergio Mattarella, referred a while ago in a written message to the shipwreck that took place near the coast of Calabria and which, according to a provisional estimate, cost the lives of forty-five immigrants and refugees.

I mourn the dead, I express my closeness to the shipwrecked – to whom we must guarantee a proper reception – and I want to thank the rescuers“, emphasized the Italian president.

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At the same time, Sergio Mattarella asked for an effort to eliminate the causes of migration flows, such as wars, poverty, persecution, terrorism and the consequences of climate change.

It is all the more necessary for the European Union to take on the responsibility of managing the migration phenomenon in a concrete way, finally, in order to remove its control from human traffickers, making a direct effort in the field of migration policy and support for development cooperation of the countries from which these young people are forced to leave due to a lack of prospects».

According to the Italian media, one of the slave traders who had organized this trip of more than two hundred immigrants and refugees, which ended in tragedy, was recently arrested in Calabria.