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THE China will continue to work with Russiacontinuing her attempt to challenge them United Statesdespite international concerns about Russian invasion of Ukraineargue the US intelligence agencies.

“Despite international backlash over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China will maintain its diplomatic, defense, economic and technological cooperation with Russia in its bid to challenge the US, even if it reduces its public support ” says the intelligence report released on the occasion of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s annual hearing on global threats to US security.

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The report mainly focuses on the threats coming from China and Russia. It is expected that China will continue to use its military and other advantages to intimidate its rivals in the South China Sea, and that there may be an increase in crossings through the Taiwan Strait or missile overflights over the island.

“It probably goes without saying that the People’s Republic of China, which is increasingly challenging the US economically, technologically, politically and militarily, remains our priority,” said Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes, the president’s top adviser. Joe Biden.

In order to fulfill Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s vision of making China a major power on the world stage, the Chinese Communist Party is “increasingly convinced that it can do so at the expense of US power and influence,” Haynes told the her opening statement. “The coming years are critical as strategic competition with China and Russia intensifies, for how the world will evolve and whether the rise of authoritarianism can be checked and reversed,” he added.

The report said Russia probably does not seek a conflict with the US and NATO but the Ukraine war poses a “high risk” of that happening and there is a “real possibility” that Russia’s military failures in Ukraine could harm Russian President Vladimir Putin inside his country, increasing the possibility of an escalation.

Haynes described a “war of attrition” in Ukraine and said U.S. intelligence does not predict the Russian military will rebound this year to the point of making significant territorial gains.