An episode full of “surprises”, some unpleasant, some pleasant and others.. possibly unexpected on My Style Rocks on SKAI.

Initially, Katerina Karavatou announced that Evdokia Tsagli was on the fatal train that collided with a commercial train in the valley of Tempi, costing the lives of 57 passengers.

The “My Style Rocks” player was fortunate in her misfortune, and is now recovering from her injuries, while the host of the show indicated that she can return whenever she wants, as long as she is okay.

However, her place in the game was taken by Vasiliki, who had left the game only in the previous episode.

A “comeback” that not everyone liked, causing reactions, both from the rest of the players and from the judges, with Iliana Papageorgiou visibly disappointed with how her comeback turned out.

Seleni was also absent from today’s catwalk due to a health problem. Informally her place was taken by the new player of “My Style Rocks”, Irini Kazaki, making her first catwalk.

She didn’t convince during her “debut”, collecting only 4.5 points last in the rating (Seleni who got 0 did not participate in today’s catwalk), while she “heard it” from Emilia about her choices.

On the other hand, Emilia may have collected 8.1 points and stayed in Fourth place, however there was no shortage of “frictions” with Reina and Christiana regarding the clothes she chose and whether they are a set or not.

Vasiliki, despite its “episode” return, won the top with 11.9 points, while the trio is “staffed” by Nicole & Irini Papavasileiou, collecting 9.5 and 9 points respectively.