Ukraine insists on the “withdrawal” of Russian forces from its territory, a senior Ukrainian official said shortly before the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping in Russia.

“Formula for the success of the implementation of the Chinese ‘peace plan’.” “The first and foremost principle is the surrender or withdrawal of Russian occupation forces from Ukrainian territory” in order to “restore the sovereignty” and “territorial integrity” of Ukraine, Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov tweeted.

China presented in late February a 12-point document to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, calling on Moscow and Kiev to “cease hostilities” and hold peace talks.

However, contrary to what Ukraine and the West are demanding, it does not refer to the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, suggesting an end to “unilateral” sanctions against Russia.

Xi’s arrival in Moscow today is viewed with some concern by Kiev, as it fears that Beijing, Russia’s strategic partner, may at some point decide to offer it weapons.