German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discounted yesterday Monday that the war launched by Russia against Ukraine on February 24, 2022 will not end soon.

“We have to prepare for the possibility that it will take a long time,” Mr. Scholz stressed during an event organized by the Rheinische Post newspaper in Düsseldorf.

“Even after the war is over, everything will not be back to normal right away. But we must not stop our efforts to guarantee that the war will end,” added the federal chancellor.

He also said he does not believe in the idea of ​​toppling leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin by force from abroad. US President Joe Biden – Mr. Scholz said – assured him that he does not seek such a thing.

“I support the American president on this,” the chancellor said.

It is not possible for Russia to dictate the terms of peace in the country it has invaded, Mr. Soltz added. “Ukraine must be able to defend its integrity and independence.”