A new AMK was approved at OFI

A new AMK was approved at OFI

GEMI approved on Monday the share capital increase of PAE OFI, amounting to 1.9 million euros, which was fully covered by the major shareholder, Michalis Bousis, according to what was made known by the Registry.

The relevant decision was taken at the general assembly of the Cretan PAE on January 27.

In detail, the announcement:

“On 03/20/2023, the decision of the General Assembly of the shareholders of the Public Limited Company was registered in the General Commercial Register (G.E.M.H.) with registration code number 3517118 from 01/27/2023 under the name “FILATHLON HERACLEIOU FOOTBALL GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY”, the distinguishing title PAE OFI 1925 & G.E.MI. number. 139787860000, according to which it was unanimously decided:

1) The increase of the company’s share capital by the amount of one million nine hundred and ninety-five thousand six hundred (€1,995,600.00) euros, divided into sixty-six thousand five hundred and twenty (66,520) registered shares, with a nominal value of thirty (€30) euro each.

2) The abolition of the pre-emptive right of the old shareholders, in accordance with article 19 of its articles of association.

For the rest, the specifics mentioned in the decision of 01/27/2023 of the General Assembly of shareholders apply.

The registration was made, after a formal check (completeness check), in accordance with the provisions of article 9, paragraph 2, of Law 4548/2018 (Government Gazette 104/A) and the Directive with ADA: 647Θ465Χ18-ΕΦ5 (prot no. . 141372/28-12-2018) of the General Secretariat of Trade & Consumer Protection, in combination with the provisions of Law 3419/2005 and Law 4635/2019, as currently in force”.

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