A new campaign is underway this spring across Russia, seeking recruits to replenish its troops for the war in Ukraine.

As fighting continues in Ukrainian battlefields like Bakhmut and both sides prepare for counterattacks that could cost even more lives, the Kremlin’s war machine needs new recruits.

Russian media reports that men across the country are receiving calls from conscription offices. In most of these cases, the men were simply asked to update their records. in others, they were ordered to take part in military training.

Ads promise cash bonuses and enticing benefits. Recruiters are targeting qualified individuals. Recruitment agencies work with universities and social service agencies to lure students and the unemployed.

Ads have appeared on government websites and social media accounts of government institutions and organizations, including libraries and high schools.

New Russian campaign tries to lure men to fight in Ukraine - See photos

One of them, posted by a municipal administration in the western Yaroslavl region, promised a one-time bonus of about $3,800 to sign up and, if sent to Ukraine, a monthly salary of up to $2,500, plus about $100 a day for “participation in active offensives operations’ and 650 dollars ‘for every kilometer of progress within the attack groups’.

The ad said the soldier would also get tax and loan repayment holidays, preferential university admission status for his children, generous compensation for his family if wounded or killed in action and war veteran status, which comes with even more benefits .

New Russian campaign tries to lure men to fight in Ukraine