Moscow may seek compensation for the damage to natural gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and after the explosion that occurred last year, the RIA Novosti news agency reported today citing a Russian diplomat.

In September, there were explosions in the two pipelines connecting Russia to Germany, with Moscow speaking of an act of international terrorism.

“We do not rule out the possibility of later raising the issue of compensation for the damages caused by the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipelines,” said Dmitry Birysevsky, head of the Economic Cooperation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in an interview he gave to the agency.

Birysevsky did not elaborate who will Russia seek compensation from, while he added that the future of the lawsuits is not clear.

“At the moment it is very difficult to talk about the future of the Nord Stream pipelines. In general, according to experts, pipelines can be repaired,” write down.

The Kremlin has indicated that shareholders will decide whether the pipelines should be decommissioned.

Sources with knowledge of the plans told Reuters last week that the pipelines, built by Russia’s state-owned company Gazprom, will be sealed, as there are no immediate plans to repair or reopen them.

Nord Stream 1, which cost 7.4 billion euros, began operating in November 2011. Construction of Nord Stream 2, which cost more than 10 billion euros, was completed in September 2021 but was never put into operation.

Bryshevsky also complained that Western countries oppose the draft resolution prepared by Russia, which calls on the UN Security Council to request conducting international research for the explosions.

“However, we intend to continue to insist on a comprehensive and open international investigation with the mandatory participation of Russian representatives,” he emphasized.