It starts today March 29th “godfather’s basket” which will be in game stores until April 15th.

Godparents will find it easier to buy gifts for their godparents for Easter at moderate prices.

The Godfather’s ‘basket includes toys from 12 categoriess, while next Tuesday, April 4, it will be followed by “Easter Basket’ which is created to meet the needs of consumers when shopping for food for their Easter table. The “Easter basket” will include lamb, buns and other Easter products.

The “godfather’s basket” includes candles, toys and chocolate eggs.

Each store can choose to include one or more product categories in the godparents’ basket so that the measure can be applied by small stores as well.

What is included in the “godfather’s basket”:

  • Easter candles – toys
  • Board / puzzles, doll games
  • Dollhouses and other accessories (pretend play)
  • Baby toys
  • Action figures
  • Construction and building games (eg brick games)
  • Vehicles – remote controlled
  • Electronic games
  • Sports toys (eg balls, children’s basketballs and goals)
  • A soft toy
  • Musical toys
  • Chocolate eggs