Zaich Bolsonaro returns to Brazil today after spending three months in the US, facing the risk of prosecution and, if convicted, a prison sentence or even a ban from politics.

The far-right former president is determined to play an important role in the country’s political life, although he is being investigated by the judiciary for several cases.

Bolsonaro, its president Brazil from 2019 to 2022, he had left Brazil on December 30, shortly before the end of his term, boycotting the swearing-in ceremony of his successor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

She is expected in Brasilia this morning, from her Orlando Florida where he had taken refuge, announced the Liberal Party (PL).

“I don’t want to lead the opposition, I will participate in the political life of my party by offering it my experience,” he told CNN Brazil from Orlando airport yesterday, Wednesday, before boarding the plane.

Nervousness in Brasilia

Bolsonaro, 68, breaking his silence after losing the presidential election, said last week that he intended to “run the country” and “do politics” to defend Brazil’s ultraconservative values.

His return has caused jitters in Brasilia, where military police will ensure no gathering takes place. “It will be ready to immediately close access to the Three Powers Square, just like the airport,” said Brasilia’s Minister of Public Order Sandro Alevar.

Supporters of Bolsonaro have called on social media for a rally at the airport, although the former president is not scheduled to deliver a speech from there.

Immediately after his arrival in the Brazilian capital, Bolsonaro will go to the PL offices, accompanied by military police, like all former presidents. There he will be welcomed by Valdemar Costa Neto, head of the party, as well as his deputies, senators and former ministers.

He is then set to move into his new home with his 41-year-old wife Michelle. Bolsonaro’s wife just took over as president of the women’s division of the PL and will potentially run for the presidency in 2026.

Judicial problems

Bolsonaro is returning to his country as the row continues over the multimillion-euro luxury jewelry he received from Saudi Arabia as a gift for his wife. Authorities are investigating whether he broke the law by bringing them into the country without declaring them.

At the same time, he is being investigated in the context of five cases being examined by the Supreme Court of Brazil, while he has lost his immunity.

The most recent case concerns his role in the January 8 riots and the invasion of government buildings in Brasilia, which were looted by his supporters.

The other four cases concern offenses allegedly committed while he was president: such as spreading misinformation about the electronic voting system and handling the covid pandemic.

Besides, the Higher Electoral Court is investigating no less than 16 cases in which Bolsonaro is allegedly involved.

He could be banned from political life for up to eight years, which would prevent him from running for president in 2026.