Six people, including a child, were found dead in a swamp near Canada’s border with the United States after trying to cross illegally into the United States, Canadian police said. One child is still missing.

They are two families, one from India and the other from Romania. The victims were found Thursday in a swampy area of ​​the St. Lawrence River near an overturned boat belonging to a missing Akwesashne Aboriginal man.

“The police believe that a child of the Romanian family has not been located and we will continue the search. We believe they were all trying to cross illegally into the US from Canada, said Leigh-Ann O’Brien, the deputy chief of the local police, at a news conference.

The victims are five adults and one child under the age of 3. Both children are “associated with the Romanian family” and had Canadian passports, O’Brien said.

Police are awaiting the results of a forensic and toxicology examination to determine the cause of death.

Last week US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed to stop asylum seekers trying to cross into Canada through “unofficial” border crossings. The decision was criticized by some who felt that refugees and migrants would put themselves at greater risk by choosing other crossings. Akwesasne police, however, said the deal that closed the unofficial Wroxham Road crossing in Quebec was not a factor in the tragedy because the two families were trying to leave the U.S., not come to Canada.