Massive Russian missile attack Ukraine received at night, with at least two dead. Russian forces launched missile strikes overnight in various areas of Ukraine far from the capital Kyiv to central Ukraine and southern Mykolaiv Oblast.

The Ukrainian capital and cities in various parts of the country were rocked by multiple explosions, according to Ukrainian news agency Interfax and posts on social media sites.

The military command of Kiev assured that the anti-aircraft defense took action.

Eleven Russian cruise missiles were shot down over Kiev by Ukrainian air defenses, the municipality of the Ukrainian capital announced, clarifying that there were no casualties or serious material damage.

“According to preliminary data, 11 cruise missiles were destroyed in the airspace of Kiev. In addition to the missiles, two drones were also shot down,” the Kyiv municipality said via the Telegram platform.

Missile strike in Dnipro, central Ukraine in the early hours of the morning resulted in the death of two people – a woman and a three-year-old child –Mayor Boris Filatov announced.

“A young woman and a three-year-old boy were killed,” Mr. Filatov said via the Telegram platform, without giving further information on casualties or damage.

Meanwhile, videos uploaded to social media sites show part of a block of flats to have been struck and burning in the city of Uman of central Ukraine, while the police reported that emergency services have rushed to the scene.

Part of the building has collapsed and debris and pieces of concrete can be seen scattered on the street.

Zoya Vovk, the representative of the police in the area, announced that the emergency services are operating on the spot. It is not yet clear if there are any casualties, or how many.

According to posts on networking sites and the information of the Ukrainian Interfax, there were also explosions in the cities Cherkasy, Kremenchuk and Poltava (center), while earlier Russian guns were flying to the west.

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