The award-winning chef and presenter was found dead early this morning at a home in Melbourne MasterChef AustraliaJock Zonfrillo.

He was just 46 years old and according to a statement from Victoria Police, his death is not being treated as suspicious.

The Scottish chef had worked with many world-renowned chefs in famous restaurants before opening his own in Australia and was one of three judges on MasterChef Australia from 2019.

The announcement of his death was confirmed by Channel 10 on the day the 2023 season of MasterChef was scheduled to premiere.

The channel announced that the airing of the new season will be postponed, as Jock Zonfrillo was one of the judges of the show. Channel 10 paid tribute to the chef, describing his charisma, passion and quirky sense of humor as an inspiration to a whole nation of home cooks.

Zonfrillo was married with four children, who in a family statement said their hearts were “broken into pieces” by the grief: “So many words can describe him, so many stories can be told… for those who passed on his way, became his fellow travelers or were lucky enough to be his family, keep this proud Scotsman in your hearts when you sip your next whisky.’