Vaccination record in Italy – Exceeded 686,000 in 24 hours


In the last twenty-four hours, a new vaccination record was broken in Italy. More than 686,000 citizens came to the vaccination centers of the country. 77,000 first doses were given, of which 48,000 thousand to children and 22,000 to citizens over 50 years.

In the intensive care units of Italy, in 18% of the beds patients with coronavirus are treated. On December 24, the corresponding figure was 11%. In terms of hospital wards, patients with covid 19 make up 27% of the total.

Meanwhile, research conducted at six major hospitals in the country showed that 34% of patients admitted for other health reasons and tested positive were asymptomatic and found that they were infected at the time of the diagnostic test, in emergencies.

Essentially, they were admitted to the hospital for illnesses and health problems, such as fractures, heart attacks or bleeding. On average, asymptomatic patients are 56 years old, while the average age of citizens admitted to hospital due to covid symptoms is 69 years.

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