More than 1,100 Russian citizens have sought asylum in Finland due to the threat of being drafted and doing military service in Russia, according to the Finnish Migration Agency (Migri).

Finland is awaiting instructions from the European Union on the fate of those who have fled to avoid conscription in Russia.

The Finnish Migration Agency (Migri) reports that 1,109 Russian citizens have so far sought asylum in Finland to avoid conscription in Russia.

“We are not in a position to issue decisions on asylum,” Sana Suter, head of the immigration department of the interior ministry, told the Finnish news agency (STT).

After discussing the issue of asylum applications submitted by conscript men who have fled Russia, the Nordic countries decided to wait for EU directives before making any decision.

However, it is not yet certain when the EU will finalize its directives on this matter.

In late February, Finland suspended processing asylum cases for Russians who fled Russia to avoid conscription. The authorities of the country justified their decision, saying that they are still gathering information about the social conditions in Russia and about the asylum seekers themselves. On October 1 last year, Finland also closed its borders to Russians holding tourist visas.