Russia announced today that it is banning 500 US citizens from entering its territory, including former Democratic US President Barack Obama, in retaliation for Washington’s sanctions.

“In response to the anti-Russian sanctions regularly imposed by the Biden administration (…) 500 Americans are banned from entering the Russian Federation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry announced.

AFP reports that the new announcement is aimed at companies and research institutions involved in Russia’s investments in energy production.

It also says the US has also tried to shut down networks to acquire restricted technologies that operated covertly from Liechtenstein, India, Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands, and Russian financial networks operating out of Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

In total, approximately 300 individuals, companies, institutes, vessels and aircraft involved in alleged sanctions-violating activities were added to the US Treasury and State Department blacklists.

The announcement came alongside the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, where leaders pledged to increase global economic pressure on Moscow to end its 15-month unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

“Today’s actions will further strengthen (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s ability to carry out his barbaric invasion,” said US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

“Our collective efforts have cut off Russia from the key inputs it needs to equip its military and drastically reduce the revenues the Kremlin receives to fund its war machine,” she said in a statement.