Weather conditions are not improving. In many areas it continues to rain with a great increase in the risk of landslides. Countless young volunteers are trying to help deal with the whole situation. There is awareness, however, that this time it is a completely different case. Although the authorities mobilized in time, notified the residents and sent help, the scale of the disaster was so great that it was impossible to avoid the tragic consequences.

“We are deeply hurt but we will try to get back on our feet,” says the regional governor of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonacini, and rejects accusations that he favored anarchic construction.

Stories of solidarity, human help that allowed many residents to come out alive from this terrible ordeal. Young people helped their stranded neighbors by swimming through the mud and water to bring them food and medicine. Dozens of residents risked not leaving their farms, “their livestock” which is their only source of income and more.

The situation in Ravenna is dramatic

In Ravenna, Civil Protection and volunteers continue to put sandbags on the streets in the hope of stopping or at least reducing the flood waters. People are once again climbing onto the roofs of houses.

But the problem is much wider: Italy is turning into a tropical country with very frequent extreme weather events. To deal with them, tens of billions of euros are needed. And according to most commentators, neither the funds that the Meloni government is preparing to approve nor the resources of the Recovery and Resilience Plan will be enough.